Socks On, Socks Off: Here’s How You Can Rock Our New Hydro Mocs

Socks On, Socks Off: Here’s How You Can Rock Our New Hydro Mocs

Merrell Online

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – With the release of the new colorways of Merrell’s Hydro Mocs, you’re probably wondering what’s the best way to wear them. While there’s little debate on whether they’re comfortable or not (they ARE), the jury is out whether you should rock them with socks ON or socks OFF.

If you’re into streetwear or simply prefer your feet feeling snug and covered, socks are the way to go. Neutral colorways of the Hydro Moc like Butternut and Black/Brindle are best accentuated with ankle-length socks in bright, poppy colors like orange, turquoise, pink, and teal. Take it a step further by playing around with prints or even tie-dye. Another great option is to use plain sporty tube socks in neutral shades like classic whites for a more “athleisure” vibe. A quick search of the hashtag #hydromoc on IG for more outfit inspos reveal that these looks are best paired with shorts and cuffed or loose trousers.

Since the Hydro Moc is a water shoe by design, the most logical choice when wearing it in or around the water is to wear it sans socks. With its perforated, water-friendly design, the shoe allows for instant drainage when traversing through riverbeds or strolling by the beach. With new Spring-ready shades like Butternut for men and Burgundy for women, they’re must-haves wherever wading through water is inevitable. Of course, going sock-free around the city is also a great way to let your feet breathe.

Regardless whether you choose to wear the mocs with or without socks, you can take it to the next level by adding accessories or embellishments. A popular way of customizing your mocs in South Korea is by inserting or wrapping laces or elastic cords in and out of the shoe’s perforations. Plastic rings and trinkets also look great if you’re feeling extra adventurous with your style.